Graphic Novel Review: We Stand on Guard Volume 1

Graphic Novel Review: We Stand on Guard Volume 1We Stand On Guard by Brian K. Vaughan, Steve Skroce, Matt Hollingsworth
Series: We Stand On Guard #1
Published by Image Comics on May 24th 2016
Genres: Graphic Novel
Pages: 160

An alternate cover for this isbn can be found here.
SAGA writer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN teams with artistic legend and Hollywood storyboard artist STEVE SKROCE for a subversive, action-packed military thriller. Set 100 years in our future, WE STAND ON GUARD follows a heroic band of Canadian civilians turned freedom fighters who must defend their homeland from invasion by a technologically superior opponent...the United States of America. Collecting all six issues of the controversial hit miniseries.


We Stand on Guard is as unique as Brian’s other graphic novels. Taking place in the future, where Canada and the US are engaged in war, a band of rebels decide to stand against them. Amber is our main character and I just love her right away. There’s a bit of backstory, lots of action and violence right off the bat and some politics thrown in.

I love the visuals and the plot and all of the characters already. I just am kicking myself for starting this series right when it came out. I usually push through graphic novels rather quickly. Now I’ll have to wait and wait. *sadface*


For fans of sci-fi action and graphic novels, you must read this one.

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