Manga Review: Arcana Vol 4

Manga Review: Arcana Vol 4Arcana vol 4 by So-Young Lee
Series: Arcana #4
Published by TokyoPop on April 11th 2006
Genres: Manga
Pages: 192

Lilith places Kyrette and Inez under a hypnotic spell to get to Yulan, whose true motives are revealed when he deserts Inez in this crucial time of need. Now alone, Inez has to face grave danger--with nothing but the dragon essence to protect her. If Inez can't save herself, who will save the kingdom?! From the creator of the bestseller Model!

Things are starting to heat up in this manga series Arcana. With Volume 4, we find Inez starting to wonder about her feelings for Yulan and Kyrette. A little more is revealed about their past and curiousity as to why someone would trap themselves in a preteen girl's body. Yulan leaves Inez when she is in most need, but she does not question what happened and reamins loyal to Yulan.

Yulan is at a constant struggle in this book and is forever unreadable. I'm not sure yet what his past is and why he is doing as he is. Kyrette seems to be overwhelmed with what is going on and may be a better character than first thought. He seems to care more for Inez's well-being than Yulan and I wonder what role he will play as the story pans out. 

Final Verdict: I'm really intrigued to see what will happen next and when this character will awaken within Inez. I am definitely enjoying this series so far and will have to seek out the next volumes. 


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