Manga Review: Dramacon Volume 3

Manga Review: Dramacon Volume 3Dramacon vol. 3 by Svetlana Chmakova
Series: Dramacon #3
Published by TokyoPop on December 11th 2007
Genres: Manga
Pages: 216

Now college students, Christie and Bethany are back to pimp their comic at the LAC, this time to a delightfully large crowd of loyal fans. But even as Bethany glows with pride over her designs being on the con T-shirts this year, she dreads the arrival of her strict mother, who's coming to the show! And while Christie is thrilled to be back hanging out with the wacky crowd from Firebird Studios, one thing after another keeps her from getting together with Matt. Between his ex-girlfriend, cosplay issues, and their own strong personalities, could it be that these two are just not destined to be together?

Plot: I have to say, I love the idea of the series set a year apart and reuniting the two starcrossed lovers at an animecon. This time, the story seemed less about Christie and more about Bethany. Christie finally has Matt's full attention, even if it means they are bickering on and off throughout the book. Bethany has a lot on her plate, having her mother planning to meet her during the con along with her aunt. Her mother doesn't approve of artwork for a career and their meeting is a bit of a mess, one that will delve deeper into her own past. Beyond that, there is a boy on her radar even and the start of a future relationship. 

Characters: I loved the pace of this book and the focus falling more on Bethany, who I found interesting and enjoyed the interactions between her and her family. Bethany is quite a lot more normal than Christie, who I adore but can be over the top. She needs to find her footing with her mother, but finds that the response wasn't what she was hoping to receive. 

Graphics: I absolutely love the illustrations of this book, I think it does justice to the characters and their vibrant personalities. 

Final Verdict: A fantastic series that I am sad ends with this book, although it is nice to find a short manga series. 


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  1. Sandy

    Yay you loved it ^_^. Now you can move onto her other series Nightschool xD. That one is 4 volumes so far and semi complete. I say semi because the first arc of the story is complete but there is definitely potential for more to be told in this series' verse but there is no news right now of when that is going to be continued.

    Back to Dramacon – Bethany was definitely more grounded than Christie. I love them both but Christie was quite passionate and flighty while Bethany was more centred and chill.

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