Manga Review: Durarara Volume 4

Manga Review: Durarara Volume 4Durarara!! Volume 4 by Ryohgo Narita
Series: Durarara!! #4
Published by Yen Press on October 30th 2012
Genres: Manga
Pages: 176

Dollars, rise up!! When Yagiri Pharmaceuticals crosses the line, the true leader of the Dollars steps forward to take command of the vast network of members at his disposal…Though this unobtrusive boy holds a disturbing degree of power in the palm of his hand, Celty is preoccupied by the powers that still control her head…At the end of the day, will her twenty-year search all be for naught? Or has she found something even more precious along the way?

The fourth and last volume of Durarara was a bit of a wrap up. It felt a little rushed and honestly I felt like it could have been a longer series. I really would love to see if Celty is ever reunited with her head and what happens with the rest of the characters. I know that there is already a spinoff series that I will have to look into, but it doesn't seem to involve Celty, who is by far the most fascinating character of the series.

This volume was a bit of a cop-out, with limited action, some weird wrap-ups and an overall awkwardness that really did not tie everything in a neat little bow like it was supposed to. Beyond that, I did enjoy the illustrations, the variety of characters but I felt the overall plot was a bit of a flop, or maybe I am just too Western to understand it.

I will definitely be looking into the spinoff series and hope for some questions to be answered. I think there is also an anime series and maybe that delves a little more into Celty's background. I'll have to look into both as I did enjoy it enough, just felt like it wrapped up too soon.


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  1. Holly Letson

    Overall, would you recommend this series to those of us who haven't read it? I keep hearing how good it is.

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