Manga Review: Sailor Moon, Volume 4

Manga Review: Sailor Moon, Volume 4Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 4 by Naoko Takeuchi
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #4
Published by Kodansha Comics on March 13th 2012
Genres: Manga
Pages: 246

A new group calling themselves Black Moon is after Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Guardians, wielding a new power known only as the Malefic Black Crystal. Chibi-Usa may be the key to it all, but to find the answers and rescue her kidnapped friends, Usagi will have to journey through time to the 30th century and discover what fate has in store.

* Review and Summary may contain spoilers from previous books of the series.
Read at your own risk *

Sailor Moon, thus far, has taken readers into the past. Explored the glory that once was the Moon Kingdom. Now with Volume 4, readers are transported… to the future!

Although the Dark Moon arc has never been my absolute favorite, I have a soft spot for seeing Usagi and Mamoru of the future. It is a drastic change from the characters that they are now. Plus, when one little secret gets spilled, the look of shock on Usagi and Mamoru’s faces is priceless. That moment alone makes this volume a must read.

Final Verdict:
Sailor Moon, Volume 4 was a step in the right direction. Secrets are being revealed. The bad guys have started giving off the crazy vibe, which seems to be a secret code for the battle will soon be upon us. All the pieces are falling into place nicely. But there is one piece lurking around the corner which could tip the balance… Chibi-usa.

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    • Kate

      I am too. Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever watched. But I always wanted to be Sailor Moon. I thought it was amazing growing up that we “shared” a birthday.

  1. Aww, I love the Sailor Moon manga.. and anime.. and just about everthing actually… Chibi-Usa though is much better in the manga then she is in the anime. 🙂

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