Manga Review: The Earl and the Fairy, Volume 1

Manga Review: The Earl and the Fairy, Volume 1The Earl and The Fairy, Vol. 1 by Ayuko
Series: The Earl and The Fairy #1
Published by VIZ Media LLC on March 6th 2012
Genres: Manga
Pages: 200

Lydia Carlton is a fairy doctor,one of the few people with the ability to see the magical creatures who share our world. During one of her rare trips to London to visit her father, Lydia’s quiet life is suddenly transformed when she is rescued from kidnappers by a mysterious young man! Edgar Ashenbert claims to be descended from the human ruler of the fairy kingdom, and he urgently needs Lydia’s help to find and claim his birthright, the legendary sword of the Blue Knight Earl. Things will never be the same for Lydia as she is pulled into a dangerous quest against dark forces!


In the 19th century, people had some lingering fancy regarding the fairy realm. Of course, these same people had their doubts. If you cannot see, hear, or touch something, then it could not possibly exist… could it? For Lydia Carlton, the fairy realm is not fantasy. As a fairy doctor, she specializes in this realm and helping its inhabitants.

The Earl and the Fairy, Volume 1 opens on quite a shocking note. Torture, death threats, murder. All for a stone, a jewel, said to have belonged to a man long dead. But the Merrow Star is no ordinary jewel. Oh, no. He who holds the Merrow Star also is the rightful heir to an earldom and much, much more.

It’s not often that I seek out gothic themed manga. In the past, my experiences with some of them have really left me wanting. But The Earl and the Fairy promised something different. No ghosts, demons, or vampires. Nope… just fairies. And the promise of a different kind of adventure.

The Earl and the Fairy has quite a few more characters than I anticipated. With Lydia and Edgar leading the pack, readers are also introduced to more than a fair share of secondary characters that weave in and out of the overall plot. At this point, it is possibly a little too early for an opinion of Edgar. He is like a snake in the grass. Hovering around but ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Lydia, on the other hand, is a good girl. Kind. Sweet. Does the right thing. While Lydia and Edgar are a nice foil for the other, I just hope that I do not get sick of Lydia too quickly.

The graphics of this manga are nice. There were a few panels that popped out at me as something special. But overall, well done but nothing over the top amazing.

Final Verdict:
The Earl and the Fairy, Volume 1 was surprisingly addicting. Darker and more adventerous than I anticipated. Lydia was a fun character. One who I think has a lot of growth in store. Edgar, I am seriously on the fence about you. I just cannot get you sorted out yet. But I do feel like Edgar is going to be our wild card. The Earl and the Fairy holds a lot of promise. And is off to a great start.

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