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Graphic Novel Review: Creat..

Graphic Novel Review: Creature Tech

By far, Doug TenNapel is one of my favorite graphic novelists and I was excited to dive into Creature Tech, one of his older books, when I found it at the library. Beyond doubt, I jumped into the book with strange notions of a world where anything could happen. A ghost is the villain of this book and has some hilarious bad guy lines with horrible puns and laugh out loud moments. The main character and hero of the story is the oddball of the town, which is strange for a town of oddballs. Dr. Ong is a city slicker […]

Posted November 19, 2013
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Graphic Novel Review: Iron ..

Graphic Novel Review: Iron West

As a fan of Doug TenNapel, I cannot resist looking for more graphic novels by him and found Iron West at the library one day. I often do not know what to expect with his work as it takes on a life of its own quickly. Iron West combines living machines with the Wild West in a crazy fun adventure that also involves Bigfoot and a giant train monster. For once, this one is also a little less appropriate for kids, with a couple of more naughtiness, but still full of adventure. I'd say most middle school and high school students […]

Posted September 7, 2013
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Graphic Novel Review: Tommy..

Graphic Novel Review: Tommysaurus Rex

Ely just lost his pet dog and to cheer him up, his parents send him to his grandfather's farm. There, his grandfather gives him a toy dinosaur. Sadly, the town bully swipes it from him and he finds himself with one less thing to cheer him up. Not only that, but working on a farm is a lot less fun than Ely first thought.  When he's allowed to explore, he finds a cave with a real Tyrannosaurus Rex, only he seems to be more friendly than he should be. In fact, he acts just like his old dog Tommy. He […]

Posted August 23, 2013
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Graphic Novel Review: Cardb..

Graphic Novel Review: Cardboard

Plot: I was completely drawn into the story of Cardboard, where a single dad is trying to look for a birthday present for his son with little to no money. So when a man gives him a cardboard box with some weird rules, he’s not sure what to think. Cam, however, pretends to love the gift and together they make a cardboard man, which later on comes alive. But already, the rules are forgotten and the neighborhood bully catches wind of cardboard coming to life and steals it, making himself a cardboard duplicator and then an army of cardboard men. Soon […]

Posted May 17, 2013
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