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Book Review: In the Age of ..

Book Review: In the Age of Love and Chocolate

In the Age of Love and Chocolate is the final book in the Birthright series, one which introduced me to one of my favorite heroines Anya Ballanchine. I am often shocked by the turn of events in these books, this last one bringing forth some twists I did not see coming. Anya makes some very interesting choices in this book that lead her down a darker path than we’ve seen in the past. In the Age of Love and Chocolate is the book where Anya has more internal struggles, ones that started to break my heart and made her more […]

Posted March 6, 2014
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Book Review: Because it is ..

Book Review: Because it is My Blood

Review: All These Things I've Done   I absolutely loved the first in this series and could not wait to dig into the sequel. I read it in one night, no joke.   Anya is quite the interesting character and I feel that she grows a bit more into herself and how she wants to be apart of the family business in this novel. I love seeing the romance set aside. A good portion of the book is set in Mexico on a cocoa farm, which I was happy to see that side of the business and will be interested […]

Posted September 25, 2012
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Double Monster Review: All ..

Double Monster Review: All These Things I’ve Done

I can't quite imagine a world where coffee and chocolate are illegal, so this intrigued me right off when I heard the premise. I pegged it for a dystopian, but when I started to listen to the audiobook it wasn't quite like other dystopians I've read of late. Anya's voice starts off strong and I dove into the book wanting to know more of her story.   Anya is the best example of a girl who had to grow up too quickly. Her parents are dead, her older brother has a mental handicap, her grandmother is dying and her little […]

Posted October 17, 2011
Double Monster Review