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Graphic Novel Review: Curse..

Graphic Novel Review: Curses! Foiled Again

Reviewed: Foiled Plot: Taking off where the first book left off, Aliera must save the fairy kingdom with the help of her cousin Caroline. I love watching her in action and the twists of the plot in the book were quite shocking and kept me reading right until the end. I fear I will have to wait too long to find out what is next for Aliera. Characters: I just love Aliera, who is a bit of a stubborn girl, strong-minded but not without fault. Caroline is a fantastic character as well. Even though she is in a wheelchair, she […]

Posted March 2, 2013
Graphic Novel Review

Graphic Novel Review: Foile..

Graphic Novel Review: Foiled

In the spring, I had an opportunity to see the marvelous Jane Yolen at a local library event. I was looking at the books they had on sale for the signing and was shocked to see a graphic novel among them. So I picked it up then and there and am glad I did. The cover definitely pulled me and I couldn’t wait to read it. I really enjoyed Aliera’s character right off. She was a bit of a loner, with an interesting hobby – fencing. There’s two things that change her life forever. The first is her mother finding […]

Posted August 21, 2011
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