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Book View: Jessica Rules the Dark Side

Short & Sweet: I loved the first book on audio, so even though I had a hard copy of this one sitting at home for months, I hunted at the library for a copy of this in audio format. And it was well worth it. I remember fondly listening to the first book and loving the narration of the two main characters – Jessica and Lucius. This book adds in two more characters, the best friends of Jessica and Lucius who must aide Jessica as she has to prove her husband's innocence. I love how Jessica grows in this book […]

Posted April 11, 2013
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Book Review: Jessica Rules ..

Book Review: Jessica Rules the Dark Side

A few years ago, I was utterly captivated with Fantaskey's first Jessica book. It was a sweet romance… and a little bit of a twist on the vampire legend… and an all around satisfying read. Not long after that, Fantaskey gave us the wedding of Jessica and Lucius. Another satisfying read, but one that left us with the big question… What happened next? When Jessica Rules the Dark Side was announced, I was so excited to get back to these characters and find out the answer to that question.   Jessica Rules the Dark Side has been a LONG time […]

Posted February 2, 2012
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