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Book Review: The Traitor in..

Book Review: The Traitor in the Tunnel

I loved the two books in this series, so I was eager to read another mystery involving the lovely Mary Quinn and her romantic interest James Easton, who seems to pop up every where she goes. Mary is right in the thick of things again, this time working as a maid for the Queen herself. She's undercover, trying to discover who has been lifting objects from within the household. Unfortunately, the lack of gossip allowed is making it difficult for her to find any leads. And then a murder takes place and the Prince is the main witness. The murderer […]

Posted February 27, 2012
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Book Review: A Spy in the H..

Book Review: A Spy in the House

  The first novel in the Agency series, A Spy in the House, is a brilliant debut that wowed me with its honesty and originality. Where as many novels seem to focus either on one genre or the other, Lee shines in perfectly combining both a historical fiction novel with an amazing mystery novel. As a bookworm, I have read plenty of historical novel, and to be honest, the Victorian period is one of my favorites. So when I got my hands on A Spy in the House, I was very curious to see how Lee would present her Victorian […]

Posted August 19, 2010
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Book Review: Body at the To..

Book Review: Body at the Tower + Author Interview

Mary has a new assignment for the Agency – one which involves her dressing like a boy to investigate a mysterious death on a work site. This disguise may be a reminder of the past for her – a problem which she pushes aside to perform the job necessary to find the truth behind the accident/murder on the site. Although, when James Easton makes an appearance, she must yet again cover up the real reason why she is where she is and dressed as a boy no less. But will James distract her from her investigation? I have to admire […]

Posted August 3, 2010
Author Interview, Book Review