Series: The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place

Book View: The Interrupted ..

Book View: The Interrupted Tale

Short & Sweet: Penelope Lumley gets a chance to return to her old home, the Swanburne Academy, when she is invited to partake in CAKE, which unfortunately does not involve cake. Her birthday is on the horizon, but no one seems to remember the occasion. Also is the mystery of the Incorrigible children of Ashton Place, who continue to make strides in manners and learning. I absolutely love these books and will continue to listen to them narrated by the great Katherine Kellgren. I have to say this series for me is all guilty pleasure. I love Penelope’s character and […]

Posted March 26, 2014
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Book Review: The Unseen Gue..

Book Review: The Unseen Guest

Reviews: The Mysterious Howling / The Hidden Gallery   I felt like I hit the jackpot when I saw the audio version of this book at the library one day. I was ready for a new audio and had completely forgotten that the third book in this fantastic series was out! I just love the narrator Katherine Kellgren and was excited to see what sort of adventures the Incorrigibles would have in this novel.   I was hoping for more answers as to what was going on with our dear main character Penelope, but sadly, I will have to wait […]

Posted June 23, 2012
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Book Review: The Hidden Gal..

Book Review: The Hidden Gallery

Review: The Mysterious Howling I just fell in love with the first book in the series, and was lucky enough to find the second one in audiobook format at the library. I just love the narrator Kathryn Kellgren and the story in the first was phenomenal. Listening to audiobooks is just wonderfully. I feel like I get reading done while I'm driving or doing dishes or folding laundry. I can't praise Kathryn Kellgren enough for her fantastic reading. In this book, the characters simply come alive with her voices. The characters are unique and intriguing and are brought to life […]

Posted October 9, 2011
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Book Review: The Mysterious..

Book Review: The Mysterious Howling

I picked this one up on audio because it was narrated by the amazing Kathryn Kellgren and after finishing the Bloody Jack books, I wanted to hear more of her work on audiobooks. This was a series I had heard a little bit about and I'll be the first to say I didn't really read the synopsis before starting it, so I just thought it was about three terrible children and the poor nanny that has to deal with them. The first thing I noticed was the setting, definitely in the past and set in Britain. Miss Penelope Lumley, the […]

Posted August 19, 2011
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