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Book Review: The Shade of t..

Book Review: The Shade of the Moon

One of my favorite series of all times, I was anticipating the latest installment of The Shade of the Moon. Taking place after the third book, Jon is the main character, the youngest of three siblings. Jon is seventeen and lucky enough to be a claver, privileged in his enclave and living with his stepmother and half brothers. The kids at school call him a "slip", meaning he slipped into the enclave on passes and live a great life, with purified air, playing soccer to keep up morale of the community. Jon is not happy though, constantly haunting by his past […]

Posted August 30, 2013
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Book View: This World We Li..

Book View: This World We Live In

Short & Sweet: The audio version of this book really was fantastic. Continuing the story of Miranda from Life As We Knew It, we see how life continues after the initial few months of the moon shifting because of a meteor. There are some great new characters introduced and if you thought the first book tore at your heart, this one does even more so. Final Verdict: An eye-opening novel about what could happen when the world as you know it changes so quickly in such a short period of time.

Posted January 11, 2011
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Book Review: This World We ..

Book Review: This World We Live In

Like the previous novels, This World We Live In is an emotional powerhouse. Gone are the events of the catastrophe. All that is left now are the few remaining pieces of humanity. Miranda and her family have survived the first year after the moon was struck by an asteroid. They have survived the floods, volcanoes, the hunger. Now all they can do is take each day one step at a time. This World We Live In touches the reader deep in their soul. The novel is raw, gritty, and like exposing an open wound. Miranda's voice is a rarity. It […]

Posted June 18, 2010
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