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Book View: A Hero for Wondl..

Book View: A Hero for Wondla

Review: The Search for Wondla   Short & Sweet: Finally! The sequel to one of the greatest sci-fi adventure stories I have read. I was ecstatic to see this one was out because I absolutely loved the first book. Eva has finally found other humans and she is so happy to finally meet those of her kind. Unfortunately, New Attica is not all that it seems to be. Everyone dresses the same and she does not fit in as well as she thought. She also realizes there is more behind the man running New Attica, something that could very well […]

Posted September 5, 2012
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Book Review: The Search for..

Book Review: The Search for Wondla

The Search for Wondla has a mix almost of the Wizard of Oz meets Alice in Wonderland, but set in the future on a planet far away. I can't even describe it right – but it was great. Full of adventure and discovery! Eva is a curious girl and I would be too if I had grown up stuck indoors, only learning about the outside and never seeing it for myself. I definitely love her sense of adventure and her courageous heart. Muthr is a great character as well – a robot who has to care for the young Eva […]

Posted June 1, 2010
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