Stranger Than Fanfiction Book Review

Stranger Than Fanfiction Book ReviewStranger Than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers on February 28th 2017
Pages: 272

Cash Carter is the young, world famous lead actor of the hit television Wiz Kids. When four fans jokingly invite him on a cross-country road trip, they are shocked that he actually takes them up on it. Chased by paparazzi and hounded by reporters, this unlikely crew takes off on a journey of a lifetime--but along the way they discover that the star they love has deep secrets he's been keeping. What they come to learn about the life of the mysterious person they thought they knew will teach them about the power of empathy and the unbreakable bond of true friendship.


Hey guys, Jessica here I recently listened to the audiobook for Stranger than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer and it is now without a doubt one of my favorite books. There was a ton of diversity in this such as there is a transgender MC, a gay PoC MC, some side characters of different nationalities. Its about this group of friends that is obsessed with a very popular tv show they all meet up once a week and watch the new episode together and it just reminded me a lot of the time when I would meet up with my friends at college every week for the new Supernatural episode. The way they would talk about their theories for the new season and everything. Topher has planned a road trip for his friends to go on and he ends up inviting Cash Carter the star of the show to come along with them and he actually ends up coming along. Its a hard hitting at times lighthearted emotional rollercoaster of a book. I was crying at the end because it was so amazing.




Verdict: I was being vague in my thoughts because I think this is a book that everyone should read. I highly recommend the audiobook because the author is also the narrator and you can get it for free on overdrive. This book meant so much to me and I am so glad that I read it please let me know your thoughts if you have read it or if you are planning to. Obviously it got 5/5 stars and I would give it more if I could. 

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