Summer Library Challenge Kick Off


June has finally come and I’m sad to say we still have too many days left of school. We’re not out until June 10th thanks to 4 days off because of -30 degree weather.

Oh well, it’s the start of our awesome Summer Library Challenge kick off. Check out the Summer Library Challenge page for all details.

Tomorrow we will have our first weekly topic posted, with a link up to where you shared your thoughts. Each week will have a different book giveaway and then we have a grand giveaway at the end. In this post you’ll find a place to link up your goals for this challenge, maybe you want to post every week, only check out those that interest you. Maybe you have a library goal.. like hitting the maximum amount of items out (I think my library has unlimited book checkouts…).

So here’s where you can link up your goals:

Also, here’s another linky for an reviews of library books:

And another linky for any posts you want to write outside of the topics that are library themed:

We’ve posted a Rafflecopter for the Grand Prize Giveaway on the Summer Library Challenge page and you’ll get extra points if you participate more. Make sure to start filling it out as you go, as it will close on August 3rd at midnight CST.

Make sure to use the #SLChallenge when chatting about anything library related on Twitter.

Stop back tomorrow for the first Summer Library Challenge – the Library Survey!


3 responses to “Summer Library Challenge Kick Off

  1. My school doesn’t get out until the 13th, for the same reason! Granted, we didn’t have under 30 degree weather, but we did get 3 days off of school during the big snow storm that seemed to hit the USA. I’m ready for summer and relaxed reading already!

  2. I couldn’t imagine still being stuck in school. We have been out for a while. I will have to get a picture of my current library books so I can getting going with this challenge. I’m currently almost finished with one. Do the books count if we started them before the 1st or only books started and finished after the 1st?

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