Summer Library Challenge: Library Scavenger Hunt


Welcome to the eighth week of the Summer Library Challenge! Check out the Summer Library Challenge page for all details of this awesome event. Also, enter to win the grand prize at the bottom of the challenge page.

We’re winding to an end, so I thought I’d come up with something fun. So here is a little scavenger hunt, you can do it virtually or in person, up to you. You don’t have to do all, but let me know in the comments or a post/tweet which one you did and if you enjoyed what you found.

1. Go to your favorite section of the library. Close your eyes and feel out, picking a random book. If it’s a book you haven’t read before, see if it’s one you would like and then check it out and read it.

2. Go to a section of the library you’ve never been to and pick out a book you normally wouldn’t.

3. Talk to your reference librarian, ask them a question (or two), skip the computer and go straight to the source to help you find something.

4. If you normally use self checkout, go to an actual circulation clerk to check out. Or opposite.

5. Find a movie, CD, or other non-print item to check out.

Hope you have fun with this one!


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  1. What a fun idea! I’ve really been enjoying a feature about libraries at Pages Unbound this month, including doing a guest post for them, because I love my library. I think it’s great you’re bringing them to people’s attention. I’m always surprised by the number of bloggers who don’t use their library!

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