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Welcome to the sixth week of the Summer Library Challenge! Check out the Summer Library Challenge page for all details of this awesome event. Also, enter to win the grand prize at the bottom of the challenge page.

So I finally made it to the library this past week and raided for mainly graphic novels. I found a new series I am enjoying and wanted the next volumes. I still have tons of library books on my shelf yet to read though!

librarybooks (2)

So I picked up:

So, this week, I wanted to share some stories about my library experiences and I’d for you to do so as well. Post it on your blog, tumblr, or a quick story on twitter and link up below.

As a kid…

The Hidden Staircase (Nancy Drew, #2)I loved the library, we would revisit the library from when I was really little because they had a great children’s section. It’s a library I even visited when I was a teenager because I loved their library so much. I was obsessed with Nancy Drew in elementary school and would pick up the latest volumes and beg to go back before a week was even up. I remember playing with my little sister at their LEGO table and finding cute picture books for her to enjoy.

Middle school….

We were one of the last people to get air conditioning and so I would go to the library for hours in middle school and read Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons: The Story of Phillis Wheatley (Great Episodes)through their new young adult section. I was obsessed with historical fiction at this point and read through Ann Rinaldi’s books too quickly and have to hunt for different authors. I loved the feel of new books, with their new sticker and there was a convenient chair right by that section. The best thing of all was that the library was air conditioned and I could stay there for hours and escape the heat of summer. It was only a couple blocks from my house so I walked there on my own and stayed until I knew I would get in trouble if I stayed any longer.

As an adult….

Hana-Kimi, Vol. 1 (Hana-Kimi, #1)I lost my sense of library-going in high school, being too busy with life and school. I worked at the public library I grew up two streets away from when I turned 19 and refound my love and added a new one – graphic novels and manga – along with young adult books. I hit the limit of 100 items too often to count and the great thing about working there was I never accrued library fines. Sure, my boss would get after me about my items out, but I loved it. When I moved and no longer worked there, but at a school library, I had to figure out my new libraries and even would travel to many of the libraries in our area to use as well. I love Illinois, they make it so easy to register at another library and since I live in the suburbs you can travel 10 minutes away, find a new town with a new library. I sometimes spend Friday nights with my husband “library-hopping” to find books that I “MUST” have.

So, what is one of your library stories?


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7 responses to “Summer Library Challenge: Library Storytime

    • Wow, banned from requesting books! I think there may be a limit on that… at my library you can hold books that are even on the shelf (I do this too often lol).

      • Sometimes when I finished a book during the school day and I needed a new one to read I would look through the list that was on the library shelves and request it. That way when I could sneak down to the library later they had already picked the book off the shelve. I know it was the lazy way out, but I didn’t have to search. I actually don’t browse the shelves very often.

  1. Just got my post in! I wrote about my earliest library going memories.

    I’ve never reached the borrowing limit of ‘only’ 50 at my library – I think I would be overwhelmed by all my reading choices and not know where to start if I had that many books at once πŸ˜› Lately I’ve started requesting more books instead of just hoping they’ll be on the shelf when I go browsing. I’ve also been placing requests for books yet-to-be published in hopes that I can get my hands on them faster.

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