Summer Library Challenge: Library Survey

Welcome to the first week of the Summer Library Challenge! Check out the Summer Library Challenge page for all details of this awesome event.

I figured the first week of this challenge, we should learn more about each others’ libraries! I have a fun survey, feel free to pick as many or as little questions to answer and include some images of your library if you like as well!

Library Survey

1. What’s the name of your library and how close is it to where you live?

2. How frequently do you go to the library?

3. What is the first section you normally go to when you get to the library?

4. Share a link to your library’s webpage. How often do you use it and what for?

5. Does your library have a summer reading program for your age group? Do you participate and why or why not?

6. What is one thing you can think of that would make your library better?

7. Does your library have a self checkout station and do you use it more than the circulation clerks?

8. What programs have you attended or thought of attending at your library?

9. Do you have family that utilizes the library with you? Who is your “library buddy”?

10. What is the best thing about your library?

My Answers

1. My library has three branches, the one I go to most is the Naper Blvd. Library, which is less than two miles fromΒ  my apartment. We also have a branch located in our downtown Naperville area (Nichols Library) as well as one on the southern side of Naperville (95th Street Library).

2. I try to go to the library at least once a week. In Illinois, you can register your card at any library so we also go to Lisle Public Library about once a week because they have free video games that my husband rents as well as a wonderful overall library.

3. I always go straight to pick up my holds. I’m a lazy library user and because we also have three branches, I tend to get things sent over to the closest branch through their website. Then I head downstairs to the graphic novels and Teen sections.

4.– I use it at least once a week. I renew books, look up books and place holds as well as download e-audiobooks when I run out of my current ones.

5. We do have a summer reading program! I always participate and I tend to also participate at Lisle too, they both have online systems where you track your books and then you go in and redeem your prizes. I really love it.

6. I really wish Naperville had video games like Lisle does, but I cannot complain, they’ve always been able to find everything else I could ever want. Actually, I’d love an actual coffee spot in the library, not just the crummy machine. My sister’s library in Elmhurst has a full cafe and I’m a bit jealous.

7. I always use self-checkout… I was a circulation clerk and I remember the push to have people use them so I tend towards using it every time. Plus, I always have 3-4 in fines floating because I’m horrible at renewing books on time. (I’m VERY thankful for an online pay system too… makes me feel less guilty).

8. I’m so bad at signing up for programs. I’ve thought about going to some but never got to them. We have a local indie bookstore that picks up all authors coming in, so there’s not a lot of author events, but there’s some cool things they do at our library that I should check out.

9. I only have my hubby and he is my library bud. We actually call it going on a “library date” or “library hopping” when we go to more than one at a time. He plays the video games and reads mostly nonfiction and some adult fantasy.

10. I love how accessible everything is online. I place a ton of holds, can request via other libraries online and even ask them to purchase a book as well. They have ebooks and eaudiobooks that are easy to download. I’m a digital native so I like when I can find stuff at home. I still end up spending time browsing new books when I stop by and come home with double what I was expecting to check out though!

That was fun and I hope you have fun with it too!

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11 responses to “Summer Library Challenge: Library Survey

  1. This is a great idea! It really gave me an opportunity to explore my local library a little bit more πŸ™‚ I’m really looking forward to this challenge. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Looking forward to some fun trips to the library and some great reading this summer! Thanks for hosting the challenge!

  3. Yes – a coffee bar would be excellent! Along with really comfy reading chairs and ottomans that encourage one to linger. And video games – we don’t have that either and I can’t decide if I think it’s a great idea or not.
    I am also sometimes not very good at getting books returned on time. It never bothers me to pay the fine (usually a few dollars) as I consider my little part towards keeping the library open….but oh, it makes my hubby mad so I am trying to get better. But I always seem to have so many books due at different times….

  4. I’ve finally got my post up! After a busy week of midterms and setting up a new computer, I’m ready to check out everyone’s surveys πŸ™‚

    I have the same problem with fines due to not renewing on time…even though I get an e-mail five days before they’re due, I tend to to forget ^^; I don’t mind paying fines, though, since it goes to support the library πŸ˜›

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