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Hey guys so if you are on book twitter I am sure that you have seen the stuff going around about The Booktube Games which is a readathon created by Myonna over at littlewolfreads on Youtube. Basically there are 5 teams; Hogwarts, (the one Kristen and I are on) Camp Half Blood, Derry, Neverland, and Ketterdam. The readathon starts the first of February and goes until March 1st, basically the teams are competing against each other and whoever reads the most pages (NOT BOOKS) PAGES wins. I will leave the link below if you guys want to sign up and haven’t yet, make sure to check out the videos Myonna did as they really explain everything. (ALSO YOU CAN ONLY SIGN UP UNTIL 31ST) We are going to share with you five books that we want to read during February since it is a month long readathon and we are both pretty big mood readers we figured five was about as many for a set TBR that we could handle.

Link to sign up – Booktube Games Sign Up

  1.  This is the group book for the Hogwarts team basically if you read your group book during the first week you will get double page numbers for your team.





  1. Muse of Nightmares (Strange the Dreamer #2)
  2. Tell the Wind and Fire
  3. All In (The Naturals, #3)
  4. Archenemies (Renegades, #2)
  5. Black Magic Sanction (The Hollows, #8)


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