Book View: The Fairy-Tale Detectives

Book View: The Fairy-Tale DetectivesThe Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley
Series: The Sisters Grimm #1
Published by Amulet Books on October 1st 2005
Pages: 284

For Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, life has not been a fairy tale. After the mysterious disappearance of their parents, the sisters are sent to live with their grandmother--a woman they believed was dead! Granny Relda reveals that the girls have two famous ancestors, the Brothers Grimm, whose classic book of fairy tales is actually a collection of case files of magical mischief. Now the girls must take on the family responsibility of being fairy tale detectives.

Short & Sweet: A fantastic beginning to a series that will take off with readers who love fairy tales. This first book in a fairly long series is full of adventure and plot twists and will keep you reading until the very last page.

Final Verdict: A great mystery with a mix of fairy tales and memorable characters. 



10 responses to “Book View: The Fairy-Tale Detectives

  1. I loved This World We Live In, and the first book as well. I devoured them this summer when I was having some sort of strange dystopian obsession.

  2. I didn’t realize The World We Live In was MG! We read a lot of Middle Grade fiction in this house (I have an 8 year old who loves to read…*mom squee*), so I definitely appreciate your quick review format! Thanks!

  3. I’ve been putting off reading This World We Live In because I found the first two so haunting. But your review is making me think it might be time to bite the bullet! And I haven’t heard an audiobook in a while, that sounds like a good way to read it.

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