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Welcome to another edition of the Monster Report. The Monster Report explores the book happenings of Jessica and Kristen. Whether it be what we got in our mailboxes, what books we are currently hiding in, or fun stuff to look forward to this week at The Book Monsters, you can find it here. The Monster Report is inspired by Alea‘s This Week in Books, Tynga’s Stacking the Shelves, and Kathryn at the Book Date‘s It’s Monday, What are you Reading? Also, Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers also host a kidlit version of It’s Monday, What are you Reading?

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Read this Week:

The Queen’s Rising was super interesting, I loved the whole passion system and it was a little reminiscent of The Name of the Wind for me. I really enjoyed it and it ended in a way that it could have been a standalone but it does have a sequel which I think will be awesome cause I just want to know more about this world. I gave this 4/5. Bring Me Their Hearts was a buddy read I did with some of my twitter friends and I really enjoyed how witty the main character is, she has a comeback for everything. The dialogue is amazing in this book and the story is pretty interesting too. I also gave this a 4/5.

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Read this Week:

My Friend Dahmer Sorcery of Thorns A Snicker of Magic Kill the Farm Boy (The Tales of Pell, #1) The Hundred-Foot Journey

I was quite intrigued by My Friend Dahmer – a graphic novel memoir about a man who went to high school with Dahmer, the serial killer. Quite an interesting story. Sorcery of Thorns may be my new favorite book of all times – magic, books, great characters – I loved every minute of it and am so glad I got Owl Crate this month and was able to get the pretty purple cover. A Snicker of Magic was a fun MG about wanting to put down roots and solving a family curse. Kill the Farm Boy was fun and weird – a fairy tale that is a little more realistic than most (sort of lol). Character-wise it was rather amusing with everyone’s faults so outwardly portrayed. The Hundred Foot Journey was really good, a culinary adult novel about restaurants and Indian family dynamics.

Currently Reading:

LIFEL1K3 All Four Stars Tree of Dreams


This week at The Book Monsters, we…


Not much at all.. sorry!

That is all for us this week. So until next week, stay scary Monsters.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed A Snicker of Magic. It’s one of my favourites. Hope you enjoy All Four Stars. I’m a fan of that series and was sad when it ended. I had Tree of Dreams from my library and had to return it unread. Sigh.

  2. I read LIFELIK3 as an audiobook, last fall, and remember enjoying it. How did I miss that book #2 was just published last month?!?!? I can’t wait to read Tree of Dreams, too! I also just found out we have A Snicker of Magic available through our tri-college system, so I’m placing that on my list for this coming fall. Thanks for all the shares!

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