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Welcome to another edition of the Monster Report. The Monster Report explores the book happenings of Jessica and Kristen. Whether it be what we got in our mailboxes, what books we are currently hiding in, or fun stuff to look forward to this week at The Book Monsters, you can find it here. The Monster Report is inspired by Alea‘s This Week in Books, Tynga’s Stacking the Shelves, and Kathryn at the Book Date‘s It’s Monday, What are you Reading? Also, Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers also host a kidlit version of It’s Monday, What are you Reading?

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This was apparently a week for rereads. I have been working pretty heavily on my writing lately so I reread two of my favorite books that always inspire me to write until I can’t do it anymore from pure exhaustion. Afterworlds and Fangirl. I distinctly remember a scene almost word for word in Afterworlds so it was really fun to read it again after all these years. I gave it 4/5. Fangirl is arguably one of my favorite books of all time. I have reread it so often that I feel as though the story is carved into my soul. Every time I do a reread I find something new and I always end up with the writing bug which is pretty great. 5/5. The Binding is phenomenal. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, the story is very clever. Basically it is about a boy who is chosen by the binder to be her appreciate. The binder is the one who makes books which in this world they are either treated with mistrust and contempt or they are seen as the purest treasure. I have it 5/5 and hope that I can get the physical version one day because I loved it that much. And then as you can see I started reading Gravitation again. I finally owe all the volumes in this series so I am trying to binge them that way I know the story. I will probably try to find the anime somewhere as it is one of my favorites and I haven’t seen it in a very long time.

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Inheritance (Adaptation #2) 


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Firebrand (Green Rider) The Dream Gatherer Four Dead Queens

Company Town The Magical Unicorn Society: Official HandbookThe Magical Unicorn Society: A Brief History of Unicorns

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Vision in Silver (The Others, #3) After You (Me Before You, #2) One Last Shot On the Come Up

Akata Witch (Akata Witch, #1) Marked in Flesh (The Others, #4) The Way to Stay in Destiny

Well, I’m really enjoying The Others series by Anne Bishop. I finished my audio of Vision in Silver and was sad to see Marked in Flesh was only in ebook so I was a bit slower reading that one. Great series and I hope to get to the last one soon! Werewolves and vampires and now some Elders who were wow really badass but funny too. After You was so good, it’s been a while since I read the first but it really stuck with me and I loved this follow up story, it was really good, so many sad and funny moments. One Last Shot was a rough start for me, but once his friend character was introduced I really got into it, my review is up on the blog and you can win a copy! On the Come Up was an awesome audiobook and a great story about a girl trying to follow in the footsteps of her rapper father and doing it straight which can be a struggle. Akata Witch was a bit of a disappointment, I liked the magic system but the story was kind of dull at times.. and the reactions to what was going on in the story was totally off. The Way to Stay in Destiny was an awesome read about music and fresh starts and a great audiobook.


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The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle The Court of Miracles (Court of Miracles, #1) The Boys Omnibus Vol. 1 RoseBlood Inheritance (Adaptation #2)


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  1. I enjoyed On the Come Up and I really need to read Fan Girl. My daughter LOVES Rowell’s work (and she’s from our state — we read her OWH articles before she became a book author). And thanks so much for the giveaway of One Last Shot — love Anderson’s books!

  2. I am a huge Fangirl Fan too. It was my introduction to Rainbow Rowell and sadly, nothing has compared to it. I haven’t read Afterworlds. It sounds fascinating but also kind of creepy. I loved Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan series. Happy reading this week.

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