Book View: The Tomb

The Tomb by F. Paul Wilson
Series: Repairman Jack #1
Published by Tor Books on August 1st 2006
Pages: 434

Much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, Gia, Repairman Jack doesn't deal with electronic appliances--he fixes situations for people, situations that usually involve putting himself in deadly danger. His latest project is recovering a stolen necklace, which carries with it an ancient curse that may unleash a horde of Bengali demons. Jack is used to danger, but this time Gia's daughter Vicky is threatened. Can Jack overcome the curse of the yellow necklace and bring Vicky safely back home?


Repairman Jack is one of my husband’s favorite series. I’ve been meaning to start reading them for a long time and now I know why he loves them. Full of action, mystery and paranormal elements, I fell in love with Jack’s world. Jack lives under the radar and is a “repairman” of a multitude of problems. His love life has fallen a bit since his ex-girlfriend found out what he actually does for a living. However, Gia calls him because her Aunt-in-Law is missing and she needs his help. Her daughter Vicky loves Jack and I loved the scenes between the sweet 9 year old and Jack.

Verdict: The overlying plot involves more supernatural elements as Jack finds out what is really happening. I love the twists and turns and Jack’s overall character. I will definitely be reading on to find out what happens to him next. 


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