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This week our topic is: Series I need to continue

Listed in no particular order.

one  The covers are terrible but the inside are pretty great, I really enjoy how vampires are done in this series it is a unique take and I live for Rose and Dmitri.

two  This is a series that I only have the last book left in but I think I have been putting it off because I do not want it to end. I really love this world and characters and it will be sad when I do finish.

three  This is a guilty pleasure read and I really just want to finish out the series, I know they are writing new books for it at the moment but I still haven’t even finished the old ones.

four  I read the first book back in 2015 but I was so bitter about the ending of it that I still haven’t continued on and I need to fix that.

five  Oh wow what a surprise another one that I read the first book over a year ago and haven’t continued on yet. This is one of my all time favorite booktuber’s favorite series in the world and I love The fool and want to learn more about him.

six  I actually really liked the first one and I am incredibly curious as to where the rest of this series is going to go.

seven  This is a weird one but again I heard about it from booktubers that I trust and the first one was really good it has major Degrassi vibes which is one of my favorite things in the world plus the first two books in this series are free on kindle.

eight  Now this is another one that I really loved the first one but the main reason that I have not continued on is because the first one brought up a lot of memories for me of a toxic relationship I had a few years ago and I needed some time to get over that and out of that headspace and I am hoping that the other books in the series will not do that.

nine  This series reminds me a lot of the diaries of Georgia Nicolson (which oddly enough is another series I need to finish). Harriet is such a fun and relatable character and I still have quite a few more books in which to get to know her better.

ten  I have read the first two books and the two novellas in this series and still I have not continued on and I really don’t know why since this is available on my digital library as well as Restore Me. It is almost like I am afraid to be caught up which is dumb since I really do want to be that way I can understand everything that Whitney over at Whittynovels says.


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