Wrap up for 24 hour readathon

Hey guys, Jessica here, so I was off work this weekend which is not very common for me since I work at a bookstore and weekends are busy. So I decided to do a random 24 hour readathon, Kristen joined me and I thought it would be fun to show you guys what we read. So I wasn’t able to read for all 24 hours I did fall asleep for a couple of hours and I had to go run some adult errands as well. However I did manage to read 1,000 pages which I am happy with. The first thing I started reading was  I read this for a while and then once I was half way through I wanted to change it up a little and so I started reading  I got to page 36 into this and then I decided to read a manga. I then read the entire 180 pages of  This is a cute manga series all about this girl who is really into reading romance manga and really wants a boyfriend she gets fellow classmate Yoh to agree to be her love coach to help her get a boyfriend. It sounds dumb but the characters are greet and its just a fast, fluffy, fun read. It’s definitely great to read in between books like a palate cleanser. I gave this 4 out of 5.  After I read the entire 267 pages of I was pretty wary of this book because I really am not a fan of graphic memoirs due to a horrific class I had to take when I was in university. But I found this was full of humor and it perfectly created the essence of summer which was nice. I think this is an excellent read and that pretty much anyone could get something out of it. I gave this a 4 out of 5 stars. After this I could not decide what I wanted to read since I had so many books out from the library. I decided to read a few chapters of  I got 33 pages into this and then I read the first 78 pages of  After this I went back to Knights Shadow and I read the rest of the book. It was by far the best book I read it got 50000/5 stars. The Greatcoats series without a doubt is my favorite series of all time after Harry Potter and that is the highest praise that any book can get from me. I had a really fun time reading all day and I would love to do it more often, if my work schedule allows.


Kristen here! Just adding to this post, that I was excited to read all day as I was alone with my puppy Zeus for most of it. I read mostly for the committee I’m doing and then one book for fun. Here’s a picture I posted on instagram (bookgoil) of what I read!

I really loved Night of Cake and Puppets by Laini Taylor, definitely a great addition to the series and world!

What did you guys read this weekend?


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